Empowering Parents Prenatal Classes


 Empowering Parents Prenatal Class

Pre- Registration is required 
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**Free Gifts include diapers, Pack and Play, Convertible Car Seat, Stroller, Baby Monitor, Safety Gate and more!  
**Qualifying participants will receive a gift which is based on the number of classes attended


Evening Classes offered on Tuesdays 6-8 p.m. during the months of February, May, August, November



Dickinson County Health Department

1001 N Brady Abilene KS

This FREE class is being offered for pregnant women to learn about having a healthy pregnancy and having a healthy baby. Learn about available resources, share your experiences or concerns and interact with other pregnant women.

Session 1: You and Your Pregnancy
     Prenatal care, common discomforts, prenatal tests, oral health, pre-term labor, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, placenta previa, RH Factor, Group B Strep
Session 2: Healthy Pregnancy
     Pregnancy health, managing stress, exercise, eating healthy, kicking bad habits, medications in pregnancy
Session 3: Labor and Delivery
     Stages of labor, labor and birth, skin to skin time, birth plan, hospital check list
Session 4: Newborn and Infant Care
     Period of Purple Crying, calming techniques, safe sleep, choking and poison, newborn care, car seat installation, happiest baby on the block
Session 5: Feeding your Baby
     Breastfeeding basics, body changes, milk supply and storage
Session 6: Health after Pregnancy
     Physical postpartum changes, Stress, Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression, regaining health between pregnancies


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We also offer individual counseling.