Stay at Home Order

See the Stay at Home Order PDF

Frequently Asked Questions about the Stay at Home Order

  1. Can I go to work?   Yes. The order does not stop you from going to work. If you question whether your place of work will be open, please contact your employer.
  2. Can I drive in or through the county?   Yes. The order does not restrict your ability to travel. It restricts gatherings of 10 or more people and cautions strongly against any non-essential contact.
  3. Do I need a special ID to prove I’m on essential business?   No. There is no “Essential Business” ID or any requirement to carry a special ID designating you as “essential personnel.”
  4. Can I still buy my groceries at the store?   Yes. We encourage the use of delivery services to limit non-essential contact, but the order does not stop you from going to the grocery store to do your shopping.
  5. Can I still order from restaurants?   Yes. You cannot dine-in, but many restaurants have take-out and/or delivery service available.
  6. Can I keep my hair/nail appointment?   No. Hair salons are not on the list of “Essential Businesses”
  7. Can I call a plumber/electrician/repairman or purchase the goods to do a repair myself?   Yes. These are all “Essential Businesses” and have not been closed or restricted by the order.
  8. Can my kids still pick up their meal at the school?   Yes. Contact your school district for more information, but most are offering this as a drive-up service
  9. Will the police stop me to check where I am going?   Not because of this order. They have the authority cite you for violations of the order, but the order is about limiting non-essential contact, not about restricting travel.
  10. Will my daycare close?   Daycares are “Essential Businesses” and are not closed by the order. There are safety guidelines related to daycare services, but it is up to the daycare provider to determine whether or not they will remain open.