Election Information

Due to the current COVID situation, the County Election office will be sending advance ballot by mail applications to the registered voters of Dickinson County within the next 2 weeks.  This does not mean you must vote by mail, this is an option if you do not want to vote in person.    There is a ballot drop box by the south entrance to the courthouse where you can drop off your ballots after hours or on weekends.

 Early voting in person will still take place in the County Clerk’s office beginning October 14 and the regular polling locations will be open on Election Day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

If you have moved or changed your name, you must re-register to vote at your new location by October 13 to be eligible to vote in the November 3 Election. 

If you have any questions about your current voter registration status or advance/early voting contact the County Election office at 785-263-3774.

Election Contacts
Barbara Jones
Dickinson County Clerk

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                    General  Election :

                   Tuesday  November 3, 2020 
County Offices Party Candidate 
County Commissioner Dist #2 Republican Lynn Peterson
County Commissioner Dist #3 Republican Craig Chamberlin
County Clerk Republican Barbara M Jones
County Treasurer Republican Leah Hern
Register of Deeds Republican Martha J. (Marty) Holt
County Attorney Republican Andrea E Purvis
County Sheriff Republican Jerry Davis

Township Officers
Banner Township Trustee Republican James Harbaugh
Buckeye Township Trustee Republican  Heath Funston 
Center Township Trustee Republican Roger Kelley
Cheever Township Trustee Republican Debra K. Kreighaum

Flora Township Trustee No Filings
Fragrant Hill Township Trustee Republican Rodney Chamberlin
Garfield Township Trustee Republican Robert Hansen
Grant Township Trustee Republican Kenneth Bourbina, Jr
Hayes Township Trustee Republican Arthur L Sprouse
Holland Township Trustee Republican Lyle D Woods
Hope Township Trustee Republican Robbie Riedy
Jefferson Township Trustee Republican Nicole Shrack
Liberty Township Trustee Republican Brian W Shippy
Lincoln Township Trustee Republican Dan Base
Logan Township Trustee  Republican Larry A Hottman
Lyon Township Trustee Republican Todd J Martin
Newbern Township Trustee Republican Diane Greenough 
Noble Township Trustee Republican Mike Fink
Ridge Township Trustee Republican Kent Rock
Rinehart Township Trustee Republican Tim Nelson
Sherman Township Trustee Republican Lyle Heintz
Union Township Trustee No Filings
Wheatland Township Trustee Democrat Michael T Wilson
Willowdale Township Trustee Republican Terry Swearingen 
Banner Township Treasurer Republican Joe Barten
Buckeye Township Treasurer Republican Mark Swanson
Center Township Treasurer Republican Larry Karl
Cheever Township Treasurer Republican Howard R Engle
Flora Township Treasurer Republican Jeff Bartlett 
Fragrant Hill Township Treasurer Republican Mary Alice Baer 
Garfield Township Treasurer Republican Kelly Fink
Grant Township Treasurer Republican Chuck Loader

Hayes Township Treasurer Republican Brenda Wolf 
Holland Township Treasurer Republican Louis Ade
Hope Township Treasurer Democrat Anna Pauline Polok
Jefferson Township Treasurer Republican Austin Murphy
Liberty Township Treasurer Republican Mark Knopp

Lincoln Township Treasurer
Delynnn Farson
Logan Township Treasurer Republican Kevin Murphy
Lyon Township  Treasurer Republican Jim Hay
Newbern Township Treasurer Republican Dee Greenough
Noble Township Treasurer Republican Kent Mills 

Ridge Township Treasurer Republican Tracy Ediger
Rinehart Township Treasurer No Filings
Sherman Township Treasurer Republican Laura Beth Zeigler-Rikoric

Union Township Treasurer Republican Mary Brockmeier
Wheatland Township Treasurer Republican Ronald Phillips
Willowdale Township Treasurer Republican Debbie Taylor