County Clerk's Office

Overview & Services

The County Clerk's Office takes daily phone calls assisting people as well as those who walk in requesting information. The office also:
  • Acts as secretary to the Board of County Commissioners by attending the sessions of the Board, either in person or by deputy
    • Keeps the seal, records the papers of the board
    • Signs the records of proceedings and attests the same with the seal of the county.
  • Assist township, cemetery, watershed, fire districts with budget preparations
  • Assist with genealogy research
  • Handle all county elections
  • Handle all voter registrations
  • Handle house moving permits
  • Maintain budgets for all county taxing entities
  • Maintain records for many items
  • Manage accounts payable
  • Manage open records request
  • Prepare the tax roll for the county and furnishes an abstract of taxes to be collected to the County Treasurer
  • Boat registration - New and renewals
  • Sell cereal malt beverage licenses
  • Sell fish and game licenses
  • Serve as Election Officer for Dickinson County
The County Clerk's office checks all budgets for legal limits and sets levies for:
  • County Budget
  • 9 Cities
  • 24 Townships
  • 7 Fire Districts
  • 30 Cemetery Districts
  • 1 Hospital District
  • 2 Watershed Districts
  • 5 Schools
  • Red Bud Lake
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County Commission

For agendas and minutes go to the Commission page